Available Positions

freelance digital 3d modeler (per project basis)

Makelab is a 3D Printing company in Brooklyn. We specialize in appearance models and tend to push the boundaries of 3D printing for our client projects.

We do quite a bit of digital 3D modeling and have gained a lot of traction with the advertising/branding/entertainment industry that requires sparkly, professionally finished appearance models that often come from 1 front-view 2D image.

We go through a process of creative collaboration with clients. When trying to replicate a 2D image, there is a lot of creative decision making when bringing it into 3D. We typically have various rounds of creative approvals before a project is considered complete.

Our digital 3D modelers use Maya, C4D, 3DSMax, Blender, ZBrush, etc. We work in full color most of the time.

Our digital 3D modelers need to know the following:

  • Export a texture map successfully with an OBJ file
  • Build models that are actually printable (no 0.5mm thick surfaces, 
  • Have extensively worked with CJP 
  • Can easily troubleshoot
  • Can manipulate models to remain light in physical weight while still achieving aesthetics
  • Have knowledge of Netfabb
  • Has knowledge of building fixtures (if we give you dimensions, can you implement)
  • A strong visual and aesthetic sense
  • Will push the boundaries of these programs to deliver great results.
  • Understanding of why drainage holes are important for 3D Printing
  • Understand why hollow models are better than solid models
  • Can export w/o inverted triangles
  • Does NOT use Rhino as a means for modeling (those polygons are ALWAYS messed up beyond repair)

We are looking for a team of freelancer modelers to help us as projects come our way. 

We are looking for experienced modelers. Please make sure to outline your experience or any relevant projects. Please send over any portfolio work of both 3D models and printed models.


Please email a cover letter and resume to info@makelab.nyc detailing your previous work experience and any other relevant experience.
Include photo samples of digital 3D modeling work with descriptions of the work and any creative problem solving you had to use. We will respond with a PDF of a few samples of our work that we have done in the past to give you an idea.