Available Positions

freelance digital 3d modeler (per project basis)

We do quite a bit of digital 3D modeling and have gained a lot of traction with the advertising/branding/entertainment industry that requires sparkly, professionally finished appearance models that often come from 1 front-view 2D image.

We go through a process of creative collaboration with clients. When trying to replicate a 2D image, there is a lot of creative decision making when bringing it into 3D. We typically have various rounds of creative approvals before a project is considered complete.

Our digital 3D modelers use Maya, C4D, 3DSMax, Blender, ZBrush, etc. We work in full color most of the time.

Our digital 3D modelers need to know the following:

  • Export a texture map successfully with an OBJ file
  • Build models that are actually printable (no 0.5mm thick surfaces, 
  • Have extensively worked with CJP 
  • Can easily troubleshoot
  • Can manipulate models to remain light in physical weight while still achieving aesthetics
  • Have knowledge of Netfabb
  • Has knowledge of building fixtures (if we give you dimensions, can you implement)
  • A strong visual and aesthetic sense
  • Will push the boundaries of these programs to deliver great results.
  • Understanding of why drainage holes are important for 3D Printing
  • Understand why hollow models are better than solid models
  • Can export w/o inverted triangles
  • Does NOT use Rhino as a means for modeling (those polygons are ALWAYS messed up beyond repair)

We are looking for a team of freelancer modelers to help us as projects come our way. 

We are looking for experienced modelers. Please make sure to outline your experience or any relevant projects. Please send over any portfolio work of both 3D models and printed models.


We are looking for an experienced finisher/modelmaker to be part of our team! You will utilize various tools and machines, and hand techniques to produce high quality models for various high-end brands. 

You know your way around a shop, know about various assembly and finishing techniques, and are familiar with the world of custom fabrication for advertising/entertainment industries. You know how to take something from raw to beautiful and love the process of making something with your hands.

There are times where we experiment with combinations of various techniques to achieve a look. Once we have that process, we will record it & repeat it with other projects.

Our finishers/modelmakers need to know the following:

  • Meeting fabrication deadlines
  • Finishing CJP, FDM & SLA prints to a beautiful finished look
  • Various finishing techniques to achieve a flawless finish multiple times
  • Assembling fragile 3D prints
  • Troubleshooting fabrication processes
  • Applying sculptural techniques to fabricate custom artwork

Position Requirements
We are looking for someone who:

  • Is able to keep organized in a busy shop setting
  • Is able to prioritize well
  • Has at least 2 years of work experience with custom prototyping/modelmaking
  • Experience making appearance models
  • Has knowledge of 3D printing technologies & materials
  • Artistic skills & attention to detail
  • Knowledge of airbrushing, spraying
  • Is a team player that can work both independently and in a team environment
  • Is able to perform without supervision
  • Is a problem solver & quick thinker
  • Is able to multitask in a fast-paced environment

We are an enthusiastic group of 3D printing/prototyping nerds who geek out about what we do. If that sounds like you, we want to talk.



Makelab is looking for a part time intern to join our team during the fall/winter semester, spring semester, or summer break! Our team is small, but a kick-ass group of people looking for an intern to assist in the production process! We have an energetic, collaborative work atmosphere where the coffee is always brewing, Milo (our shop pup) is just hangin' out, and we are chin-deep in everything 3D printing.

In this position, you should expect to learn all aspects of 3D printing and will leave this position with invaluable skills of how a startup works and specific industry knowledge about 3D printing.

Day to Day Responsibilities:
-Sending print jobs to printers
-Perfecting that 1st layer
-Support Removal
-Light sanding of prints as needed
-Getting models ready for shipment
-Shipping prints

-Basic knowledge about FDM & SLA printers
-Have 3D printed something before

-Experience with Makergear M2 machines
-Experience with BuildTak build plates
-Specific RP lab experience

This internship runs from August-December, January-May, or May-August.

Please send a resume and short cover letter explaining your interest and past experience with 3D printing.